Wavebrite is a filter that eliminates pollutants from waste water produced from wash basins, showers,  laundries (Grey water) and with the addition of the appropriate module galley waste can also be processed.

Grey water including galley waste is filtered in-line enabling direct discharge which meets EU Council Directive concerning waste water treatment (91/271/EEC) and complies with MARPOL Annex IV.

Harmful contaminants such as soap, shampoo, shaving creams, cosmetics, oils and grease are removed by Wavebrite producing water that meets EU bathing quality standards

Modular elements enable the system to be used by a wide range of facilities including boats &  RV vehicles.

The system consists of a pump, sump and automatic control mechanism which can be delivered and fitted as a compact single unit or the components can be located separately around the installation, connected by flexible hose.  Click here for more information

A simple gauge indicates the filter media condition

The filter cartridge is easy to change.

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2012 brochure

Installation & operating instructions

Pipe fitting guide